Run an Infinite Discs Mystery Challenge

This package is an incredible opportunity for you to host an easy-to-run disc golf tournament in your community! You can choose the format, number of rounds, entry price, and rules for your event. Really the only rule is that you buy at least 10 player packs. Because the costs for player packs is so low, an Infinite Discs Mystery Challenge is a great way to raise funds for a disc golf cause.

Here is everything you need to know about the Infinite Discs Mystery Challenge Tournament Package: 

You will have the opportunity to purchase 2-disc or 3-disc packages for your players packs.

All player’s pack discs come pre-packaged and in the desired quantities you need for your event. Each player pack will come pre-packaged in a one-of-a-kind towel bag as you can see in the images here. This allows the players to select their pack before knowing what’s inside. In addition to the discs and the towel bag, there will also be a Mystery Challenge mini included with each pack. Because of the very low price of these packs, a large number of the discs will be from up-and-coming brands that are fun for your players to explore.

The discs that come in the player’s package will be from a variety of the molds and brands we offer on our online store.  You will be unable to select/request any specific molds to be included, as they will simply be packaged at random for you to give to your players. 

In each shipment, we will include a FREE ‘Champion’ disc for you to give to the winner of your challenge or divisions (one per every 10 packs purchased). This disc will be a premium Infinite mold with a ‘Champion’ stamp.

Here are the player’s pack options for you to choose from: 

1. Two Disc Set: You can purchase pre-packaged sets that include one driver and one mid-range. (must order minimum of 10 sets)

Each 2-disc pack costs $15.00. (This option is perfect for any small, fun event you want to host with your disc golf loving buddies). With this option, players can also use their own go to putter.

2. Three Disc Set: You may purchase pre-package sets that include one driver, one mid-range, and one putter. (must order minimum of 10 sets)

Each 3-disc pack costs $19.00 (This option is great if you are wanting to host a large scale disc golf event, but aren’t sure where to start)

The way you run your tournament is completely up to you! You could require your players only play with the discs given, give them the chance to swap with others, or even allow them to bring one or more discs of their own to play with, in addition to the given set. The options are endless, so get creative!

Purchase Your Events Player Packs

Variations: Ways You Can Organize Your Event

There are many different ways you can run your Mystery Challenge, here are a few ideas to consider.

Trades – Allow players to exchange or trade the different discs in their player packs.

Extra Player Packs – Allow players to buy multiple player packs for more chances to get discs they can use that will help them win.

White Elephant Style – With White Elephant Style the first player selects their pack. Subsequent players can choose to either:
1. Choose a new unopened pack.
2. Steal a pack another player has already received.
If a player has their pack stolen, they then have the option to choose a new pack or steal from someone else. 


*Due to inventory limitations, it is a possible that you will see occasional duplicate molds in your packs. This possibility increases the larger an order gets. 
Returns and refunds will only be given if the product arrives damaged or if you are missing items.