3 Disc Mystery Challenge Player Packs


Three Disc Mystery Packs (Putter, Midrange, Driver)

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This product is ONLY available for TD’s who actually plan and organize an Infinite Discs Mystery Challenge.

Do not attempt to purchase packs until after your event is scheduled. You will be required to enter the registration page URL at checkout.

Please purchase packs at least 10 days before your event to ensure

A three disc mystery challenge player pack includes:

  • Random Putter for Each Player (usually base Plastic)
  • Random Driver (mid grade material or better)
  • Random Midrange (mid grade material or better)
  • Mystery Challenge Mini Marker Disc
  • Mystery Challenge Bag

Discs may be from any of the 66 different disc golf brands that we sell. No two players will have the same discs for the event.

The minimum order size is 10 packs. For every 10 packs purchased, the TD receives a “Champion” disc to use at their discretion.

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